Our Playground for Open-Source Code

Code Clarity™ is a firm believer in Open-Source & GPL Applications & Software

"We dedicate our time to our web design and our development of web based applications. That extra time and spare time that is not spent working on client projects is spent on open-source projects. Our team members (staff) are required to collaborate or lead atleast one open-source project that is related to our beliefs and to represent us in that open-source project. The GPL and GNU concept is believed in by the Code Clarity™ Staff. Shortly, this page will show more projects that we are apart of. We will use this page to create beautiful pages of our concepts & ideas as well as our open-source involvement. Thanks for stopping by."

We absolutely do NOT sell any open source software or applications. We are devoted to giving back to the community. I personally have been involved with different open source applications over the last 10 years and see to it that our team members are willing to keep up that philosophy.

-- Joshua Canfield, CEO and Lead Developer of Code Clarity™  

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